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You Should Think Twice Before Buying Fresh Shellfish At The Grocery Store
Shellfish lovers have a huge range of seafood options to choose from, including shrimp, crab, oysters, and mussels. If you're in the mood for a shellfish feast, you may think about heading to the grocery store to buy fresh seafood, but surprisingly, it's often a better choice to buy your shellfish in the frozen section.
Unless you live in a coastal city, "fresh" shellfish from your grocery store isn't fresh at all — even items such as live lobsters sit in the store for weeks, with their quality decreasing all the while. Instead, the Spruce Eats says to look for frozen shellfish, which are preserved at the peak of freshness and don't degrade quickly.
This shopping rule also applies to regular fish filets or whole fish. Supermarket chains such as Publix boast that they sell fresh, never-frozen seafood, but "fresh" fish that traveled all the way from another country is never as reliable as properly frozen products, so don't feel ashamed when grabbing your seafood from the freezer.