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You Should Think Twice Before Buying Baked Goods At The Grocery Store
If you're not an enthusiastic baker and need a dessert for a special occasion, it makes sense to grab a cake from the refrigerated section of the grocery store, already decorated and ready to go. However, paying a little extra for a cake from a local bakery is actually a better choice, even compared to the convenience of the supermarket.
Cakes from the grocery store can feel a bit "light" in flavor and texture, whereas a cake from a bakery is more rich and flavorful. This is because supermarkets bake cakes in bulk using low-cost ingredients in order to produce larger amounts, while local bakeries often use higher-quality ingredients and take their time to craft cakes.
Many supermarket cakes also have processed ingredients, which can lead to health issues beyond just sugar intake. Not only do local bakeries provide unique goods, but they also play a part in your local community and are typically family-owned; your money is best spent on these businesses to make yourself, your guests, and your community happy.