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You Should Think Twice About Buying Pre-Cut Meat At The Grocery Store
With food prices climbing higher and our everyday schedules getting no less busy, finding shortcuts at the grocery store to save time and money is more important than ever. However, there are some shortcuts you just shouldn't take, and frugal or time-starved meat lovers shouldn't be tempted by pre-cut deli meat.
Many meat companies take advantage of customers' want for convenience, so they can mark-up the prices of pre-sliced meat by up to 60%. Buying meat to cut by yourself can save you money equal to half the total price of the item; plus, plastic wrap and your freezer can keep hand-sliced meat nice and fresh for a long time.
Since the surface of meat starts to deteriorate once exposed to oxygen, pre-cut meat also means sacrificing quality. Lastly, whole slabs of meat give you more control over how much meat you purchase and use, so avoid those pre-sliced deli meats, packaged cubes of steak, and pre-cut chicken tenders and just cut it yourself.