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You Should Start Soaking Your Scallops In Milk.
Here's Why.
Scallops make for a delightfully indulgent meal, but like any other seafood, they can sometimes take on a "fishy" aroma and taste if they're not at peak freshness. There is one neat trick to prevent this fishy smell and taste — soaking the scallops in milk.
The milk will neutralize any fishy notes and aromas while making the flesh more tender. As Cook's Illustrated explains, the casein in the milk naturally binds to TMA (or trimethylamine) in the fish, and once the milk is drained, you’re left with sweet, fresh-tasting fish.
For this method, just place the scallops in a bowl with enough milk to cover, store them in the fridge for about an hour, and drain the milk before using. Not only is this milk-soaking technique effective for scallops, but it also works for a range of seafood and fish.