Red wine swirling in a wine glass
You Should Start Mixing Whiskey With Wine
Since wine and whiskey are both strong components on their own, you might not think to mix them, but when paired, the two create a smooth, flavorful cocktail.
Start by mixing equal parts of whiskey and wine, and then tweak the ratio as you see fit to reach a flavor that you like best.
As for combinations, you could try an oaky bourbon with a sweet white like Riesling or Moscato to create a drink with notes of vanilla and caramel balanced by citrus.
For a richer, dynamic cocktail, pick reds like Shiraz or Cabernet Sauvignon which have the tannins to balance out a spiced rye or Scotch for a smoother finish.
You could also get fancy and mix sparkling wine with whiskey, or try cocktails like the Wine Old Fashioned, a spritz with whiskey and wine, or even a whiskey sangria.