a can of clam on a table
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You Should Start Buying Canned Clams. Here’s Why.
Many people are persuaded that freshly caught clams are far better than their canned counterparts. That's an idea worth reconsidering, though, given the variety of flavors and versatility available, including whole baby clams, minced clams, chopped clams.
Cooking with canned clams is a kitchen saver, since shucking fresh clams leads to a mess of brine and sand. Canned clams are not very popular in the United States, but Portugal and Spain offer a wide variety of canned clams because conservas are part of their culture.
Clams are already cooked during the canning process, making them quick and simple to plate if you're pressed for time to serve dinner. Replace fresh clams with canned ones for a quick lunch when making clam pizza, linguine with clams, or New England chowder.