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You Should Reconsider Drinking Fruit Smoothies For Breakfast. Here’s Why
Whether you like to blend up strawberries and bananas or tropical fruits like mangos and pineapple, fruit smoothies can be a refreshing and healthy way to start the day. However, you should reconsider drinking smoothies that taste like super-sugary desserts and have a similar nutritional profile.
At their best, smoothies are filled with nutrients and promote gut health, but they can also be loaded with sugar. For a healthy smoothie, make your own using fruits with a low glycemic index like bananas, mangos, and berries; go easy on added sweeteners; and pay attention to hidden sugars in mix-ins like yogurt, protein powder, and juice.
Smoothies with dairy can also cause tummy troubles, but so can plant-based dairy alternatives. Some people are also sensitive to fructose, the sugars found in fruits, which can create digestive issues or more serious symptoms like organ failure; if you experience stomach issues after smoothies, don't keep drinking them until you know why.
Lastly, try topping your smoothie with flax seeds, nuts, or bran to boost your fiber intake, a great addition to nutritious fruits like mangoes, bananas, berries, açaí, and dragon fruit. Keep portion control in mind, as well, and you can sip away at your smoothies while maintaining proper blood sugar levels and good overall health.