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You Should Never Put Beer In The Freezer: Here’s Why
Who doesn't prefer their beer nice and cold, either from a frosted pint glass or a can fresh out of the fridge? For those of us who forget to chill our beer in advance, tossing it in the freezer for a few minutes may seem like a quick way to get that ice-cold sensation, but trying this "trick" can result in a huge mess.
Unlike other alcoholic drinks — specifically, ones that are 70-proof or higher — beer will actually solidify and can even explode if left in the freezer for too long. Plus, freezing beer can weaken or even kill the drink's yeast, and its proteins and carbonation will change, negatively impacting the beer's flavor.
Even when beer isn't fully frozen, serving it at near-freezing temperatures can dull the complexity of its flavor and aroma. If you accidentally freeze your beer, you can let it thaw all the way so that the proteins that have separated in the brew can come back together — so long as your can or bottle didn't explode.