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You Should Never Get
Rid Of The
Liquid From
Canned Beans.
Here's Why
Liquid-Heavy Recipes
Not only does canning liquid hold a lot of flavor, but its thick, smooth, and starchy texture can also lend a beautiful quality to whatever you use it in. Think of it almost like a thickening agent that can be used in place of some other liquids like water or stock.
Swap Eggs For Aquafaba
Aquafaba, the liquid from chickpeas, is a key vegan substitute for eggs in all kinds of recipes, from cakes and cookies to icing and other toppings that go with them. One of the most impressive examples is vegan meringue that can be mixed into these batters and icings.
Mayo With Aquafaba
Another surprising way to use aquafaba is to make a vegan mayonnaise, although you will have to add in some other ingredients to make it taste like the real stuff. So, rather than wasting canning liquid, you just might find it could be your new favorite secret ingredient.