Varying flavors of canned spam stacked on each other
You Should Know These 11 Canned Spam Hacks
Cut The Bottom
By cutting the bottom of the tin with a knife or can opener, you can eliminate canned Spam's vacuum seal and easily slide it out when you open the top.
Boil It
If you find Spam too salty, drop it in boiling water for a few minutes so that the salt will disperse from the meat into the water. Then, you can use it as usual.
Shape Spam
If you want to alter the appearance of Spam, you can use cookie cutters to change up the shape. If you’re handy with a knife, you could also just carve it.
Hot Water
Running an unopened can of Spam under hot water will loosen the fat in it and cause it to separate from the can walls, making the Spam easier to remove.
Cut With The Lid
As long as you thoroughly wash your Spam can before using it, you can use the lid of the can to slice the spam when knives aren’t readily available.