Grilled kabobs in a wire basket above a grill
You Should Know About A German Grilling Technique Called 'Schwenker'
Schwenker is a German grilling technique where a large metal grate is hung to gently swing above a wood fire. The consistent movement ensures even cooking and smoky flavors.
Schwenkers are ideal for entertaining, making for hands-on experiences with guests swinging the grate and turning their meats. Plus, it really emphasizes the fire front and center.
The Schwenker method uses a chain-leveraged contraption called the "Tripod Grill." It's most strongly interlinked with a marinated pork dish, which is also called Schwenker.
The cut shines on the grill, requiring a patient 20 to 30 minutes to melt the fat and tie all the flavors together. It creates a piece of pork that's tender and delicately smokey.