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You Should Keep Canned Bacon In Your Pantry. Here's Why
From hamburgers to salads, everything is better with bacon, and if you’re looking for an even easier way to add bacon to everything, look no further than canned bacon.
Precooked, lacking the greasy cleanup, with a shelf life of ten years or more, and all with the same flavor as fresh bacon, there are many reasons to keep canned bacon on hand.
Canned bacon can be used similarly to fresh bacon, and Yoders suggests using its product as an ingredient in macaroni and cheese or as a topping for au gratin potatoes.
You can also add it to other canned foods, like baked beans, enjoy it as a side to eggs, or add them to a sandwich.
With a long shelf life, having a can of bacon in your kitchen or RV cupboard can be a great option for a delicious bacon-focused meal without all of the hassle, mess, and cleanup.