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You Should Consider Using Za'atar Next Time You Make Potatoes
Whether they're julienned and fried, boiled and mashed, halved and baked, or chilled and mixed into a potato salad, the potato is always a popular side dish. The potato’s fame is largely due to its versatility, so much so that it’s one of the top global foods, and there’s a seasoning of similar stature that may be the perfect addition to them — za'atar.
Named after the herb often included in it, za'atar is a spice blend that delivers a mixture of bold aromas and textures, with the signature ingredients being dried oregano, thyme, sumac, and sesame seeds. The diversity of exciting and somewhat unexpected textures, scents, and flavors is exactly the reason why za'atar pairs wonderfully with potatoes.
Some households include other flavors in their za'atar as well, such as salt, dried marjoram, caraway seeds, dill, and orange zest. The complexity it brings can also add a zing to all your go-to potato dishes, whether you sprinkle some of it on top of your French fries or whip up a za'atar aioli.