Zucca Marinata in Agrodolce in barattolo di vetro fatta con aceto bianco, zucchero, aglio, prezzemolo e origano.
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You Should Be Eating More Agrodolce. Here's Why
What is Agrodolce?
Agrodolce is an Italian sweet and sour sauce made of wine, wine vinegar, and sugar. The sauce gets its name from the Italian “agro,” meaning “sour,” and “dolce,” meaning "sweet,” and is commonly used in Sicily. Ancient Romans originally used agrodolce because they didn’t distinguish between sweet and savory flavors.
Types and Uses
Agrodolce is very versatile and can be drizzled over vegetables, used to marinate meat, or added to sparkling water and cocktails. Typically, agrodolce takes the form of a thin sauce, but it can be upgraded to a chunky relish-like condiment with the addition of onions, candied fruits, nuts, olives, chili peppers, or butter.
How to Make Agrodolce
You can easily buy agrodolce pre-made in a variety of flavors like habanero agave, mango coconut, or rosemary garlic. However, the sauce is simple enough to make. All you need is vinegar, butter, sugar, and chopped onion. Once mixed, feel free to liberally spread it on any food of your choice.