Roasted chicken with rosemary srved with sauces on wooden table, top view
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You Should Be Cooking Whole Chickens In Your Air Fryer. Here's Why
In the past few years, air fryers have gained a lot of well-earned attention, most likely due to their versatility. The air fryer is known for achieving crispy golden French fries, and even a perfect grilled cheese, but it can also be great for chicken.
Cooking a whole chicken in the air fryer can be a real game changer because it cooks faster than in the oven and doesn't require constant monitoring. In just 60 minutes, you will have an evenly cooked, juicy bird with crispy golden skin.
If you want to up the flavor and ensure your air fryer-cooked chicken stays extra moist, you can massage a compound butter under the skin. If you're not sure that your air fryer is large enough to cook a whole chicken, try making a smaller bird like a Cornish game hen.