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You Should Be Careful Not To Grind Espresso Too Finely. Here’s Why
Coffee can be ground coarsely, which produces larger bits of beans that work well with longer brewing techniques like cold brew, or finely, which is better for methods like pour-over. Espresso falls on the fine end of the scale, but grinding your beans too finely can actually cause problems in the espresso brewing process.
If your coffee is ground too finely, the grounds may end up packed too tightly together, and your espresso machine will have trouble pushing water to flow through the grounds. This prolongs the extract process and can result in a clogged machine and/or an over-extracted cup of espresso with a bitter flavor.
For the best espresso, opt to buy or grind “fine” coffee grounds, and avoid “extra fine” grounds. If your grounds have the consistency of powder or flour, they're too fine to make a good espresso, and while grinding your own beans can take some trial and error, getting the consistency just right is worth it for a better cup.