Burgers topped with blue cheese sauce on wooden serving tray with arugula on the side
You Only Need 2 Ingredients To Turn Blue Cheese Into A Savory Sauce
With a creamy texture and funky flavor, blue cheese is a perfect base for a simple, flavorful sauce. You only need two additional ingredients: cream and Worcestershire sauce.
The cream will temper the blue cheese’s strength, while providing enough liquid to create a creamy sauce, while Worcestershire adds complexity with tangy, umami notes.
Start making the sauce by frying garlic in butter before adding cream and blue cheese to the pan. Once the cheese breaks down, add a dash of Worcestershire and let it thicken.
From there, you can add aromatics like caramelized onions for a slightly sweet flavor, or acidic herbs like sorrel, French parsley, or tarragon to cut through the richness.
For an even more umami-rich sauce, consider adding sauteed mushrooms. Serve the blue cheese sauce poured on top of steaks, burgers, pasta, pizza, or fries.