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You Never Have To Ask For More Tequila At Beverly Hills' The Hideaway
Beverly Hills is home to countless iconic restaurants that serve as hangout spots for Hollywood stars and shooting locations for silver screen films. The Prince in Koreatown and LA’s El Coyote Mexican are just two of these must-see dining spots, but the much newer Rodeo Drive restaurant The Hideaway is poised to become a modern classic.
The Hideaway is described as a "subterranean late-night Mexican steakhouse" that stays open till 2:00 A.M. One of the restaurant's most charming and unique features is inspired by Bob Bob Richard in London: a select number of tables have a “push-for-tequila” button, which is exactly what it sounds like.
Not only can you push the tequila button to summon a spirit without saying a word; The Hideaway also offers cocktails developed by award-winning mixologist Julian Cox. The menu includes classics like the Tommy Margarita and cheekily-named "Post Melon," and entrees include filet mignon and wagyu steak with tuna tartare on the side.
The restaurant also features 210 seats total, plus a private dining room for A-list guests. The Hideaway is co-owned and conceptualized by party planner Jeffrey Best, who was inspired by a mix of Baja, Mexico aesthetics and big-screen glamor; if you want to enjoy a "steakhouse for the stars," as U.S. Magazine says, hurry to The Hideaway.