Frozen pineapple cocktails in martini glasses on a wood surface
You Need To Drink Your Next Tequila Cocktail With Grilled Pineapple
Pineapple pairs wonderfully with tequila, but grilled pineapple makes your cocktails even better. Grilled pineapple is sweeter than fresh pineapple, with a hint of smoky flavor.
Tequila's flavor is enhanced by tart and tangy ingredients such as pineapple, and the smokiness of the grilled fruit will make the taste of your drinks more complex and dynamic.
For grilled pineapple margaritas, grill fresh pineapple and let it cool before blending it with typical ingredients for a margarita, including tequila, lime juice, and agave syrup.
Once blended, you can use a piece of grilled pineapple for a garnish. If you’d rather have your margarita on the rocks, you can simply use grilled pineapple on a stick as garnish.
You can also make a tequila sunrise using grilled pineapple juice instead of or in addition to orange juice. Juice the roasted fruit for a sweet, caramelized, and smoky flavor.