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You Need A Flute Glass If You Want To Properly Taste Tequila
Given the popularity and availability of quality tequilas, this sophisticated alcoholic beverage begs to be sipped and savored, but to do this, proper glassware is required. Many aficionados agree that given its elongated shape, the champagne flute is the best medium to evaluate the color, aroma, and flavor of tequila.
Departures explains that as tequila is poured into the flute, the aeration draws its aromas to the rim of the glass and even softens the liquor, making for a more palatable experience. Consequently, the mineral, fruity, floral, herbaceous, earthy, and spicy notes from the agave can be perceived more easily.
Patrón Tequila recommends swirling the flute and then tilting the glass to evaluate its aroma before taking a sip to prime your palate, and then swirl and take another sip with a slow breath and pursed lips. After swallowing, think about which flavors are most prominent, along with any impressions of the tequila.