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You May Be Able To Save Flat Cookies With One
Easy Step
By Kalea Martin
Nothing is more disappointing for bakers than going to the oven to check on the process of their cookies, only to see that they’re looking a little flat. However, there may be a way to save them.
Pull the cookies out of the oven, grab a spoon or butter knife, and push the edges of each cookie toward the center, so the diameter is slightly smaller. Once you're satisfied with the new look, you can go ahead and return the cookies to the oven and allow them to resume baking.
While a spoon or butter knife is a very accessible tool to rescue cookies, one viral TikTok hack shows how to do it with a cookie cutter, which helps "scoot" the edges of their cookies into a rounder, taller, and more uniform shape. They appear to have done this with cookies straight out of the oven, but those who are curious to try the trick can do so at any stage of the baking process.