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You Can Stop Peeling Your Garlic Before Pressing It. Here’s Why
Garlic is a key ingredient in many recipes, but its thin, papery skin can be hard to peel and the cloves can be slippery, making it a hassle to prepare. If you're tired of carefully peeling and mincing garlic, try using this handy kitchen tool that lets you skip the peeling step entirely.
A garlic press is a kitchen must-have for many, but if you peel your garlic before pressing it, the tool won't be a great time-saver. According to America’s Test Kitchen, it’s not necessary to peel the cloves before you press them, and leaving the skin on helps get rid of gunk left behind in the garlic press.
Before you worry that the garlic skin might get mixed into your final product, don’t; according to Epicurious, not even a sliver of papery skin gets mixed in with the minced garlic when you use a press. The only drawback is that you’ll have to clean out the skins before pressing more cloves.