Older restaurants against NYC backdrop
You Can Still Dine At These 17 Oldest NYC Restaurants
Fraunces Tavern
Opened in 1762, various plots were hatched here, including the details of the Boston Tea Party. Nowadays, it’s just a place to enjoy craft beers and tasty food.
Ear Inn
The Ear Inn is a bar that opened in 1817 in a building that was erected in 1770. The bar is still going strong, but it now serves food instead of just booze.
Neir's Tavern
Neir's Tavern has been operating since 1829 and is still open despite troubles in 2020. The restaurant offers traditional bar food like burgers and mozzarella sticks.
Delmonico's was one of the first French restaurants to open this side of the Atlantic in 1837. The restaurant became synonymous with fine dining and is still around.
Pete's Tavern
Pete's Tavern opened in 1864 and has weathered a whole host of evils, including several wars. Today, you can enjoy a stiff drink at the old rosewood bar.