Bottle and glass of red wine liquid
You Can Make Red Wine Vinegar With Simple Ingredients You Already Possess
Making your own red wine vinegar is a great way to get pure, high-quality vinegar with no extraneous additives. All you need is red wine and a bit of unpasteurized vinegar.
You should use apple cider vinegar labeled as unpasteurized or with "the mother". The bacteria in these products are needed to transform red wine into red wine vinegar.
High quality wine is also important to get the best flavor in your finished vinegar. Once you have your ingredients, pour the wine into a cleaned and sanitized half-gallon jar.
Add two cups of water and a half cup of vinegar, shake or mix the liquid, loosely cover the jar with a paper towel and rubber band, then store at room temperature.
After eight weeks, taste the vinegar. If you're satisfied, pour it into a bottle and store it, but if it's not sour enough, allow it to rest for another two weeks.