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You Can Make 'Instant' Mashed Potatoes With This Snack Hack
Following a trend that started somewhere on TikTok, the internet has discovered how to make mashed potatoes with potato chips. Lay's now has a version of the recipe on its website, and Sam the Cooking Guy explains that potato chips and instant potato flakes like Idahoan are similar, since they are both made out of dried potato bits.
This new mashed potato recipe requires 3 ounces of potato chips per 1 cup of water. Measure out the chips and bring the water to a boil before dumping the munchies into the pot, and use a spoon to dunk the chips until soggy.
As the water absorbs, continue mixing until the chips look like mashed potatoes, and mix in some dairy, such as a quarter cup of half-and-half, milk, or butter. Finally, plate the potatoes and add any toppings for the finish, but do not add salt, as the chips are already salty as it is.