Glass of rum with ice cube
You Can Actually Use Nutella To Wash Rum
Fat-washing is a growing mixology trend that involves infusing fat into alcohol for a richer flavor, and Nutella-infused rum is the fat wash your home bar is missing.
Opt for a dark rum, as the richness of the spirit pairs best with Nutella's hazelnut and chocolate flavors to create a sweeter, more complex liquor.
In a large container, spread the Nutella along the base and top with your rum of choice. Cover and let it rest at room temperature overnight.
Once it's sufficiently infused according to your tastes, run the liquid through a cheesecloth to remove any lingering particles and oiliness. Repeat as necessary.
When your rum is clear and clean, store it in a bottle and serve it straight up to fully taste the infused flavors, or add it to cocktails for a sweet, chocolatey finish.