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Yes, You Really Should Do The Water Test Before Using Your Instant Pot
Fiddling with a new Instant Pot can be exciting as well as intimidating because of its many buttons and features. But before you do anything with your newly purchased Instant Pot it’s best you perform a water test to better familiarize yourself with your electric pressure cooker's features.
To start, add 3 cups of water to the inner pot, once the lid is secured, adjust the steam release valve to Sealed, and using the Pressure Cook setting, adjust the time to five minutes. The pressure will begin building and the machine will beep once the cycle has finished.
You can then open the steam release valve to use the Quick Release function or allow it to sit and slowly release pressure on its own. The water test is a great way to learn about the functionality of your new Instant Pot, especially if you have never owned an electric pressure cooker before.