Two martinis with olive garnish
Yes, You Can Give Out Your Martinis Frozen
Some cocktails require chilling and dilution to bring out the right flavor. This is particularly true for martinis, which must be served cold instead of watery and lukewarm.
In the 1950s and '60s, as martinis rose in popularity, the widespread availability of freezers allowed consumers to freeze batches of the drink. This method still holds up today.
Freezing a big batch of martinis keeps them cold and ensures a smooth mouthfeel without ice crystals. Because it's so high in alcohol, the liquid won't freeze into a block.
Instead, the "frozen" drink will glide right out of the bottle and into your glass, allowing you to pour, garnish, and serve ice-cold martinis to your guests with no fuss.
Cold temperatures can dull the nuance of fancy spirits, so use a standard dry gin. You also must use filtered water to avoid any off flavors developing in the freezer.