Hand pouring sauce from container over dish of meat
Yangnyeomjang Is The Korean Seasoning Sauce You Need To Know
A sauce called yangnyeomjang or yangnyeom jang is used to flavor many dishes in Korean cuisine, and is so versatile that it can perk up countless other foods as well.
Yangnyeomjang is considered a seasoning sauce rather than a dipping sauce. It's poured into or over foods to add a sweet, salty, tangy, and earthy flavor.
The sauce consists of soy sauce, sesame seeds, sugar, and gochugaru, a type of dried red pepper flakes. It's diluted with water or anchovy stock for some extra umami flavor.
The ratios of each ingredient can vary according to the sauce's purpose. Cooks may add extra ingredients like lemon juice or sesame oil to complement different dishes.
Yangnyeomjang is like a more aromatic, customizable soy sauce. It's fantastic with everything from cucumber salads and rice bowls to gyoza, seafood, and Korean BBQ.