Yakisoba pan on a long bun
Yakisoba Pan Is The Japanese Noodle Sandwich You Should Try
Translated as "fried noodle bread," yakisoba pan is a scoop of yakisoba noodles served in an oblong bun. This savory, saucy sandwich is a must-try for fans of Japanese cuisine.
Yakisoba pan was supposedly invented in the 1950s in a diner, but there are conflicting accounts regarding its specific origin story. Regardless, it's a modern classic today.
This sandwich is seen as a nostalgic childhood lunch item, often served in high school cafeterias. You’ll also find it offered in most convenience stores in Japan.
To make it yourself, just cook homemade yakisoba or an instant version and put it in a long bun. For authenticity, use simple yakisoba without too many add-ins and a soft milk bun.
You can make the yakisoba with chow mein or instant ramen noodles, a bit of cabbage, and Japanese Worcestershire sauce. An Asian bakery may carry Japanese milk buns.