Slices of bacon on a baking tray
Wrap These 14 Foods In Bacon For Simple 2-Ingredient Appetizers
Wrapping food in bacon is the simplest way to make a show-stopping appetizer, and shrimp is one of the best foods you can use as your base.
For bacon-wrapped shrimp, you can use either fresh or frozen shrimp that are peeled and deveined. Then it's as simple as wrapping it in bacon and cooking.
If you're a fan of salty and sweet appetizers, bacon-wrapped dates should be on your radar, as their sweet base is accented by salty bacon.
You can use either dried dates, which are chewy and have a complex, caramel-like flavor, or fresh dates, which are moist with a mild honey flavor. Just remember to remove the pit.
Bacon-wrapped crackers may sound like a derivative of crackers and cold cuts, but their crispy, crunchy texture and rich bacon flavor put them in a league of their own.
Wrap each cracker in half a strip of bacon and bake the treats. The crackers will absorb the bacon grease and crisp up for a crunchy snack full of flavor.
Whether you're a fan of pineapple on pizza or not, you and your guests will certainly enjoy the sweet and salty flavors of bacon-wrapped pineapple.
Using pre-cooked bacon, wrap up the pineapple and cook it again to release the natural sugars of the fruit to create a salty-sweet treat perfect for summer.
Similar to bacon-wrapped dates, bacon-wrapped figs are a must-try appetizer combining the sweet, sugary taste of the figs with rich, savory bacon.
You can use either dried or fresh figs — note that fresh figs are in-season in early and late summer. From there, you can upgrade the dish with goat cheese or Parmesan.