Brussels sprouts in puff pastry topped with Parmesan
Wrap Brussels Sprouts In Puff Pastry For A Salty, Buttery Kick
Pigs in a blanket are always a hit, but if you're searching for a vegetarian variation, try pairing puff pastry with Brussels sprouts for a salty, buttery appetizer.
Tasting Table recipe developer Katie Rosenhouse adds grated Parmesan cheese to Brussels sprouts, then she roasts them, wraps them in puff pastry, and bakes them again.
Rosenhouse recommends halving large sprouts, but you can keep them whole if they're small. To prep, wash them and trim the ends before wrapping them in puff pastry.
You can level up the pairing by incorporating extra Parmesan cheese, everything bagel seasoning, or prosciutto for a meatier snack. Replace the pastry with bacon for less carbs.
For dipping, use maple mustard or cranberry dipping sauce, keep it simple with yellow or spicy brown mustard, or make a sriracha mayo or spicy ketchup for a kick of heat.