Biscuits and herb gravy on plate
Worcestershire Sauce Is The Secret Ingredient To Supply Sausage Gravy An Umami Boost
A dash of Worcestershire sauce added to any recipe can give the dish a strong flavor boost, which is why you should consider adding it to your next batch of sausage gravy.
The sauce adds a powerful umami taste and complex flavors, and the vinegar and tamarind in particular add a subtle tangy element that pairs well with the fatty sausage.
Worcestershire's savory notes from anchovies and soy sauce, the sweetness from molasses and sugar, and hint of spiciness also keep the dish from tasting too heavy.
You only need to add a little bit of the sauce to your gravy, then serve it with tasty sides like buttermilk biscuits or hash browns for an indulgent breakfast.