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Wolfgang Puck's Tip For When To Season Your Meat For The Grill
You may have gotten mixed messages about when to season meat for the grill. Some swear by seasoning meat beforehand, others recommend seasoning during grilling, while some say to season afterward. Here is Wolfgang Puck's advice for seasoning your meat for the grill.
Puck, who has a couple of Michelin stars to his name, has a few grilling rules he follows. The celebrity chef recommends grilling over glowing, hot coals, and never a direct flame, so while the coals heat up, season the meat. That way the seasonings have time to penetrate the meat.
Puck also says to cook the outside of the steak on high heat until all sides are seared, then move the meat to medium heat, and to always let the steaks to rest for several minutes before slicing.If you follow the chef's advice for grilling steak though, we doubt you'll have leftovers.