Wolfgang Puck and steaks on a grill
Wolfgang Puck's 13 Tips For Cooking The Best Steak
Room Temperature
According to Puck, a steak needs to be taken out of the fridge about half an hour to one hour before cooking it so it can reach room temperature before cooking it.
This allows the meat to become uniform in temperature to cook evenly, both to avoid overcooking the outside and to achieve your desired level of doneness on the inside.
Properly Season It
Many home chefs undersalt their meat and forget to season the entire steak and everything underneath, down to the very center — especially with thicker cuts.
Wolfgang Puck recommends seasoning both sides of your steak and using fresh herbs whenever possible. They’re more flavorful than dried herbs, which is necessary for a robust steak.
Cook On High First
Wolfgang Puck says to cook the steak on high heat, at least initially. Whether you're cooking with a grill, pan, or oven, you want to create a beautiful sear.
After that, you can cook the meat on medium to your desired doneness. Puck explained in a TikTok video, "I want to sear the steak so it gets a good crust, and then finish it slow."
Grill On Wood Or Charcoal
Grilling often imparts its own unique set of flavors onto whichever foods are being cooked. This is especially true when using wood or charcoal.
The wood should be thoroughly dry, otherwise it imparts a smokier flavor. Hickory wood creates a bacon-like flavor, pecan adds nuttiness, and mesquite produces a sugary flavor.
Rub Oil Into It
Rub the oil directly into the steak rather than pouring it aimlessly into a pan. This helps your seasoning stick to the meat better and provides additional moisture.
Rubbing the oil into the steak also helps you avoid using too much oil, which can lead to excess grease and prevent the steak from forming that signature, caramelized crust.