Two bread rolls
Wisconsin's Sheboygan Rolls Are A Lesser-Known Regional Icon
Wisconsin may conjure images of cheese, the Packers, and "That '70s Show," but it should also make you think of the state’s iconic Sheboygan hard rolls.
Sheboygan hard rolls, or "semmel rolls," have a soft interior and a crispy exterior crust that comes from cornmeal. They emit a uniquely tangy, yeasty aroma.
The rolls are typically made with bread flour, yeast, shortening, eggs, sugar, salt, and malt extract, and have a unique burger bun-like shape, being wider than they are tall.
The rolls are available exclusively in the Sheboygan, Wisconsin area at bakeries like Johnston's Bakery, City Bakery, and West Side Bakery or the nearest Piggly Wiggly.
City's owner, Rick Navis, has been serving the rolls for 31 years. Fuzzy, of West Side, pairs his rolls with bratwurst, mustard, Muenster cheese, pickles, and onions.
To eat the rolls, take a hint from locals and use them as a burger bun slathered with butter, as the base for a sandwich, or paired with a bratwurst à la Fuzzy.