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Why You're Unlikely To Find Denver Steak In The Grocery Store
Steak has always been a well-loved meat, and today, home cooks have access to more exotic and delicious cuts than ever. The Denver steak is a lesser-known cut of meat that is decidedly tender with lots of marbling and great flavorful beefy taste, but despite its slow-growing popularity, this cut can still be quite hard to find.
Denver steak is cut from the serratus ventralis muscle of the cow, which is located beneath the shoulder blade. This muscle must be extracted all in one piece to produce a Denver steak, and the Spruce Eats says this maneuver is "like surgery," so most chain supermarkets don't bother to pay butchers for such a labor-intensive task.
For this reason, Denver steaks are hard to find at your local store and usually only available from independent butchers, but may also be sold at online beef vendors like Snake River Farms, Porter Road, and Holy Grail Steak Company. Though pricier than other cuts and hard to find, many claim that Denver steak is worth the effort.