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Why Your Soup Should Always Include An Acidic Component
As the days grow darker, colder, and shorter, many home cooks are boiling hearty stews and soups that feel like a cozy hug in a cashmere sweater. It's very easy to make a decent soup, but creating a perfectly-seasoned bowl involves effort, timing, and ingredients that create a well-balanced flavor, including a hint of acid.
Adding an acidic ingredient to your soup can heighten and amplify the other ingredients' natural flavors, and a bit of acid is also an effective way to balance out a soup that's too salty. You can add your secret acidic ingredient during the cooking process and/or right before serving, for an even brighter pop of extra flavor.
The type of acid you add depends on the flavors already present in your dish; if your soup contains mild and sweet fresh tomatoes, canned tomatoes that are more tart are a great boost. Some other examples include vinegar, fresh lemon or lime, pickled fruits or vegetables, white wine, or even yogurt in a creamy soup