Hands pouring foam into a coffee drink
Why Your Nespresso Aeroccino Isn't Frothing The Way You Want It To
If your Nespresso Aeroccino isn't frothing like it should, you might need to examine the setup of your machine in addition to the type and temperature of milk you've been using.
The first step is to give your machine a thorough cleaning, including the canister and the metal coil attachment on the whisk. Make sure you're using the correct parts.
Always clip the coil back onto the bottom of the frother so it can create its characteristic air bubbles, and let the machine cool off between uses for the best results.
This is because the device can overheat, which hampers the length of its regular running period. The simple solution is to give your frother a rinse in cold water in between uses.
If you want even more velvety foam, try taking the lid off your Nespresso Aeroccino. This trick gives the milk more space to froth, creating a foam with a greater volume.