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Why Your French Fries Failed To Get An Even Crisp In The Air Fryer
The air fryer is a convenient appliance for making fried foods with, but sometimes, something as simple as crispy french fries doesn't turn out as well as you'd expect. If you follow a good recipe to a tee, but your fries still aren't evenly cooked, make sure you're not making this mistake that gets in the way of a crunchy exterior.=
No matter what type of fries you're making in an air fryer, they should always be in a single layer in the basket in order to achieve an even crisp. It’s fine if individual fries are huddled together with their edges touching, but stacking them on top of each other stops the fryer’s hot air from evenly circulating around each fry.
To make sure you're not layering your fries, pour your matchstick potatoes into the basket a little at a time, then shift the basket back and forth to even them out into a single layer. It takes less than 15 minutes to crisp up a layer of regular fries in the air fryer, but other types like curly or crinkle fries may need more time.