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Why Your Enchiladas Turned Out Soggy
Latin American cuisine can be highly addicting, and for many people, enchiladas are the way to go! Enchiladas are incredibly easy to make at home—warm corn tortillas are loaded with your choice of meat, beans, and vegetables, and then coated in melted cheese—but if there is one thing that trips up beginners, it is the curse of the soggy tortilla.
A soft tortilla can quickly absorb sauce if the timing is off, altering the texture of your food and making it harder to chew because the tortilla just falls to bits. According to Kitchen Seer, traditional enchiladas should be lightly fried before filling and baking in order to toughen the soft tortilla.
The addition of too much sauce also has a negative impact on enchiladas. Your initial inclination is to pour the remaining sauce on top of your dish before baking it, but if you spread some of the sauce across the bottom of the pan and sprinkle some cheese on top, your enchiladas will bake up perfectly crisped.