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Why You'll Probably Never See Cotton Candy Grape Wine
The main attribute that separates one wine from another is the type of grape used to make it. Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon grapes are two famous grapes that are turned into wine of the same name, but you may not have heard of cotton candy grapes, and you'll definitely never hear of cotton candy grape wine.
Cotton candy grapes taste exactly like their namesake, and have a very unique creation process. These grapes don't grow on vines; instead, scientists have to extract embryos from baby grape hybrids, then fertilize and cross-breed them in test tubes to create the notoriously expensive cotton candy grapes.
Jim Beagle, CEO and co-founder of Grapery, once made cotton candy grape wine, and described it as "so bad. It tastes nothing like cotton candy [...] no acidity structure to give you [a] balanced mouthfeel". It doesn't make sense to waste such expensive grapes on bad-tasting wine, which is why you'll never see it for sale.