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Why You'll Probably Never Find Almond Honey At A Grocery Store
The honey aisle at your grocery store may carry options such as dandelion honey, clover honey, tupelo honey,, but one kind you likely won't see is almond honey. Honey made from almond flowers does exist, but these blooms contain a toxin called amygdalin, which can be fatal to bees, and this isn't even the only problem with almond honey.
Not only does almond honey have limited production, but it also tastes pretty bad. This honey doesn't taste like almonds at all, and is infamous for its strong aftertaste that some tasters describe as “bitter and nasty,” according to a report by Healthy With Honey; however, some consumers may still seek out almond honey for a few reasons.
Almond honey has lower glucose levels than other honeys, so it can be useful to people with diabetes, and also contains iron, zinc, and vitamin B, much like almond nuts. This honey is also relatively inexpensive at $18 per pound from the honey purveyor Bee Folks, but you'll have to get over the taste before you prioritize price or nutritional benefits.