Making Easter or Christmas ham, brushing on honey brown sugar glaze
Why You Shouldn't Use The Glaze Packet That Comes With Ham
Most hams come with a glaze packet that typically contains added sugars and preservatives. It only needs water and time to thicken, but it doesn’t yield the most delicious results.
While the included honey glaze packets are meant to save time, making a homemade glaze is simple and worth the extra time for a better, fresher flavor.
Making a homemade glaze also gives you the freedom to create different flavors and unique ingredient combinations to elevate your pre-cooked ham.
Different options include maple-mustard glaze, Dijon-marmalade, blackberry-mustard, pineapple-prosecco, mustard-molasses, and even a coffee-pepper jelly glaze.
While the ham packet doesn't provide as much authentic flavor, that doesn't mean you should throw it away. You can incorporate it into your morning oatmeal or even cookie dough.