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Why You Shouldn't Use Parchment Paper For Roasting Vegetables
Roasting vegetables is a high-heat technique that deepens the flavor and brings out the sweetness of virtually any type of produce. Most roasted veggie recipes are easy to prepare, but if the instructions call for lining your sheet pan or baking tray before it goes in the oven, you shouldn't use parchment paper for a few reasons.
Parchment paper is food-safe, moisture-resistant, nonstick, and makes cleanup easy. However, parchment is also slightly heat-resistant, which creates a barrier between the hot pan or tray and your chopped vegetables; this impedes the caramelization process, meaning your veggies won't brown as well on all of their cut surfaces.
The caramelized exterior of roasted vegetables is what makes them so delicious, so instead of parchment, try aluminum foil, or just oil your veggies well and don't line the pan at all. It also helps to cook them on the floor of your oven for the best browned crust, and don't overcrowd the pan, which can make veggies steam instead of roast.