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Why You Shouldn't Store Bourbon In The Fridge
Whether served straight or mixed into cocktails, bourbon can deliver incredibly complex flavors, and different labels present their own variety of tasting notes to contemplate and enjoy. Once you've taken time to select a bourbon to buy, you'll want to make sure the bottle is stored properly, and don't hastily head to the fridge.
Bourbon tastes best when served at room temperature, and storing it in the fridge doesn't keep it tasting good for longer, either. Keeping bourbon in a cold environment can permanently damage the flavor of the spirit and eliminate certain tasting notes, and it's not a particularly perishable spirit that will quickly go bad without refrigeration.
The best way to store your bottle of bourbon is away from direct sunlight and upright in a dark, room temperature cabinet or storage area, where temperature fluctuations won't have any negative effects on it. When stored this way, the next time you go to pour yourself some bourbon, all of its unique tasting notes will be on full display.