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Why You Shouldn't Skip The Canned Anchovies In Your Recipe
Many people are not fans of anchovies, and while this may never change for some eaters, using anchovies in recipes is much different from eating them plain. Even if you ask for your pizza without anchovies, these fish still have a way of sneaking into sauces, dips, and marinades, and you shouldn't leave them out when cooking.
Anchovies add a savory depth to many dishes that would be sorely missed if it weren't there, and can't be replicated using other ingredients. Canned anchovies easily dissolve into dishes and leave behind a deep savoriness that isn't fishy at all; you wouldn't even notice the anchovies' presence, unless it's been left out.
Anchovies are quite popular in pasta sauces, from giving puttanesca sauce its signature flavor to helping balance out a pesto. Anchovies can also make meat dishes taste even meatier and add necessary depth to dressings and stews, so don't be scared of these little fish — they'll pay you back tenfold for giving them a chance.