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Why You Shouldn't Rush Key Lime Pie
Many Americans love fast food, so it’s no surprise that cooking at home is full of tips and tricks to make the process move along faster. Saving time, however, can be a big issue when it comes to dishes that need a little more nurturing and time, like key lime pie, which thrives in a low and slow environment.
To make the best key lime pie, Food & Wine recommends baking it at 200 degrees Fahrenheit for up to an hour. According to pastry chef Sebastien Thieffine, “Things boil at 212, so at 200 degrees, you have a safety net, and it never boils,” as boiling can thicken eggs to an irreversible texture change and ruin the pie.
Per The Incredible Egg, some desserts, like pies and cheesecakes, do require coagulation in eggs to create a thick and rich texture. However, too much heat can cause the proteins in eggs to dry out, leading to toughness and chewiness — not something you would want in the silky tartness of a key lime pie.