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Why You Shouldn't Rush Baking Pie
'Tis the season for baking all kinds of homemade desserts, but the holidays are really the time for a pie to shine, from fruit pies to cream to chess. Since making your own pie can be a lot of work, you don't want to ruin it at the very last step, so here's why you need to bake your pie thoroughly without rushing it.
Since pies don’t visibly rise like cakes and cookies, it’s crucial to follow your recipe closely and bake it for the exact time and at the exact temperature listed, so you'll know it's baked properly. Rushing your pie can cause either the filling or crust to come out undercooked, or the pie will be baked on top but raw on the bottom.
For extra insurance against a raw and gummy bottom crust, King Arthur suggests baking your pie on a preheated pizza stone, so that the bottom layer of pastry makes contact with direct heat. As an alternative, EatingWell suggests baking your pie on the bottom rack of your oven for the same reason.