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Why You Shouldn’t Prep Overnight Oats Too Far In Advance
Easy, affordable, convenient, versatile, and photogenic — there are many reasons overnight oats have become popular, not least of which is they’re a quick and healthy option for hurried mornings. Determined meal preppers might even make a week’s worth of overnight oats in advance, but how long beforehand should you prep your overnight oats?
It turns out that overnight oats can be prepped four days in advance if made properly. The longer your oats sit in the fridge, the soggier they’ll become, so avoid adding any toppings like berries beforehand that will increase the moisture content, and opt for almond milk rather than milk to extend your oats’ storage potential.
If you need to preserve your oats long-term, you can store them in mason jars in the freezer for up to six months worry-free, but if you notice any mold, foul smells, or discolored spots in your overnight oats, frozen or otherwise, it’s best to toss them. For the best overnight oats, it’s best to listen to the name and eat them a day or two after preparation.